What is Native Traffic and How to Generate a Profit from It

You may have heard of native advertising before, but the name itself is kind of confusing. Why are these ads called “native ads?” Well, this really just boils down to the fact that native ads look and feel like the type of media in which they appear.

For example, you’ll often see native ads in social media feeds or appearing as recommended content on a specific web page. Unlike other types of ads, they don’t really look like advertising. They look more natural, hence the “native” part of their name. The great thing about these ads, and what makes them so profitable, is that they are designed to not disrupt viewers. They are typically unobtrusive, but still noticeable.

When viewers click on these ads, this is called “native traffic.” This is essentially just website traffic generated through the use of native ads.

With all the buzz about native ads and native traffic, you might be wondering how to generate some profit from them. In this article, we’re going to examine exactly how you can start making money from native ads today, so keep reading to get all the juicy details.

Native Advertising Basics

Native advertising makes use of a website’s ad space as an intuitive fit with the specific content and audience of a publisher’s website. Native ads can come in sponsored articles, recommended content, or promoted videos. You will often see native advertising at the bottom of articles on a blog or news site, appearing as links to other articles or products recommended for you.

Native ads are important for ad sellers because they can reach audiences with personalized ad content which does not disrupt a user’s experience. Ad fatigue is a huge issue in the current digital consumer market, and as such, it’s important to provide ad content that in unobtrusive to viewers.

In addition to this, native advertising can be extremely effective. A recent ad analysis run by media researchers has shown that native ads are regarded as more trustworthy, engaging, and lucrative than other forms of digital ads. They also generate higher click through rates that other forms of display ads, causing many advertisers to spend an increasing amount on native ads.

When setting up native advertising spaces, you can even control the ad experience that will be shown to your audience. You and the site’s publisher will have the option to choose keyword filters for precise targeting, ensuring visitors view the most relevant ad content when navigating a particular website.

What is Native Traffic?

As we stated before, native traffic is traffic generated through the use of native advertising. Because they don’t actually look like real ads, native ads typically perform well and generate a lot of native traffic.

On top of this, native ads help to boost brand awareness and will yield higher engagement values compared to other ad forms. This will allow potential customers to experience products before purchasing them. In short, native traffic is website traffic from native ads that has the potential to grow your business by creating brand awareness and generating consumer response in an engaging and natural way.

Reasons Marketers Are Using Native Advertising

The main reason online marketers are using native ads so much is that they work. According to recent studies, native ads are paid attention to 53% more than display ads, while also creating an 18% increase in intent to purchase. They also have the potential to create the same visual engagement as the original editorial content, sometimes even slightly higher.

Additionally, native ads fight the growing trend of ad fatigue. People browse the internet so much nowadays that they see online ads all the time, and many of them are getting tired of it. Because native ads are so unobtrusive, and sometimes highly engaging, users do not become fatigued as quickly, if at all.

Even though most users know that native ads are a form of advertising, they don’t seem to care. They will engage with these ads even knowing they’re advertising something, which is usually a deterrent for most.

How to Profit from Native Traffic

For the reasons stated above, user engagement and purchase intent are much higher when using native ads. The traffic generated from native advertising tends to convert at much higher rates than the traffic generated from other sources. This means you’ll typically make more money from native traffic than other types of traffic.

To make money though, you’ll need something to advertise, or you’ll need a platform that provides you with passive income. For example, you could have a blog that generates income for you based on your audience viewing ads displayed on your blog pages. They might also be more likely to interact with affiliate links in your content.

Or alternatively, you may run a dropshipping business or other product based online business. Native traffic funneled to your business will result in higher levels of products being purchased. Like we said earlier, traffic coming from native ads tends to convert at higher rates that other forms of traffic. Those who come to your website through native advertising will be for more likely make a purchase, which in turn will make you more money.

How to Maximize Profits from Native Traffic

The next step up from basic native advertising is programmatic native advertising. Programmatic native ads are specially targeted toward specific demographics of consumers, appearing in real time and at scale. This new type of native advertising also allows for greater return on investment by marketers, using programmatic auctions to sell native ads in real time bidding wars.

The way these works is a bit more complex than the regular version. When a consumer visits a website, this automatically will create an ad space which will be bid on in real time by the Demand Side Platform, allowing advertisers to insert an ad specialized to target that specific individual. Needless to say, this is an extremely effective advertising method, yielding high rates of conversion and purchase intent in those who click through on the ad.

What’s more impressive is that this entire process happens in less than a second, with the programmatic platform handling the entire bidding and implementation process. Again, this leads to increased engagement and higher rates of conversion.

Final Thoughts

Native traffic is traffic generated from native advertising. Native ads work by seamlessly integrating themselves into the original content of a web page, circumventing user ad fatigue and producing higher level of user engagement.

It’s pretty simple to profit from native traffic, but you need to first have a platform that can generate this profit. Try using native ads with your blog or product based online business. You’ll see much higher rates of conversion and engagement from native traffic than with other traffic forms.

We hope this article has answered all of your questions about native traffic and how to profit from it. If you’re looking for more information on ecommerce and making money online, be sure to check out our other articles.

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