Places to Sell Ad Spaces Online

If you’ve heard of people selling ad spaces on their online platforms, you may be wondering how this works, where these spaces are, and how you can get started making money with this. There’s a lot to cover when it comes to selling ad spaces online and the different places you can do this, so you’ve come to the right place to learn about it!

There are a few different things we need to cover to give you a proper idea of how to utilize selling ad spaces online, including the basics of what an ad space is, how to sell ad space, the requirements for selling an ad space, and what places you can sell ad spaces. Read on to learn all this and more!

What Are Ad Spaces?

An ad space is a space on an online platform that can be sold to a marketer to display their ad. These spaces are typically present at the top, bottom, and sides of a website page, but may also appear as pop ups or ad boxes in the middle of the page.

The ads that can be sold in spaces like these will come in different forms, including banner ads, display ads, text ads, native ads, and video ads. Many publishers, such as bloggers or affiliate marketers, will set aside specific spaces on their pages for selling to marketing ad campaigns.

These are not all the ad spaces that are available for selling, as others can also be applied to streaming sites and ecommerce sites, but we’ll cover all the places you can sell ad space in more detail later in this article.

How to Sell Ad Spaces Online

In order to sell ad spaces online, you’ll need designated open sections of a website or online platform to allocate for ad hosting. These ad spaces will be bid on by marketers looking to get their ads put online, or alternatively, you can also reach out directly to marketers to sell these spaces, or they may reach out to you directly. The kinds of ads that will typically fill these spaces include, display, text, banners, sponsored content, or even video ads.

However, getting ad spaces on your platform all set up and ready for marketers to bid on in not necessarily as easy as just owning a blog or online shop. There are a few requirements you’ll have to fulfill in order to make these ad spaces marketable.

The first requirement involves how much traffic your site gets each day. Marketers will only want to bid on ad spaces that see a certain level of daily traffic or higher, so that their ad will get in front of as many people as possible. If you’re just starting your online platform, it may take some time to establish a high enough level of traffic to attract marketers looking for available ad spaces.

In addition to this, your website’s content is another important requirement. Your platform needs to provide original and high-quality content to viewers, content that will keep people coming back for more. There are multiple ways to do this for various online platforms. If you have a blog that covers a niche topic, for example, you could create content on a regular basis based on your expertise. You could also share exclusive interviews or unique personal experiences.

Another key factor of user engagement and getting people to come back to your site on a regular basis is design and functionality. As a publisher, your site needs to be intuitive and easy to use. If it’s not, people will not be as motivated to return to your site or may end up leaving if they get confused or frustrated navigating poorly designed menus. Also try adding features to boost user engagement, such as comment sections or eye-catching visuals.

The last thing marketers will be looking at when deciding to purchase ad space from you is your site’s audience. They want to see a loyal audience that keeps coming back to your site for more content over time. This is preferable over sporadic spikes in traffic because this shows marketers that a steady stream of people will be viewing their ads all the time. If you have a dedicated audience that trusts you and the content you provide on your website, you’ll have a much easier time selling your ad space.

Where to Sell Ad Spaces Online?

In today’s digital market, there are near limitless options for selling ad spaces online. Here are a few popular avenues you can utilize to get your ad spaces sold quick. By using these, you’ll have higher chances of being able to make passive income on the traffic coming to your site.

Ad Networks

Ad networks are networks that connect advertisers and publishers on a single platform. This is a convenient option for monetization of your website that provides consistent, supervised ad proposals to publishers.

By using an ad network, you can quickly and easily browse through hundreds of potential marketers looking to sell their ads to publishers like you. You can post your content on the network, allowing marketers to see your site and check it out for their ads. It’s important to note that most ad networks will take a portion of the price your ad space is listed for. They do this as a cost per impression, cost per click, or cost per acquisition. It will depend entirely on the network you choose to use.

Some well-established publishers, wishing to avoid having to lose a portion of their profits to ad networks, will create their own personal network to bring marketers in. This can be tricky, though, and will take some extra know how to accomplish. To do this, you’d have to set up your own ad server and domain, recruit and screen advertisers, and then monitor campaign performance yourself. If you’re fine with all of this, however, it can certainly pay off!

Native Advertising

Native advertising makes use of ad space that is an intuitive fit with the specific content and audience of a publisher’s website. Native ads can come in sponsored articles, recommended content, or promoted videos. You will often see native advertising at the bottom of articles on a blog, appearing as links to other articles or products recommended for you.

Native ads are important for ad sellers because they can reach audiences with personalized ad content which does not disrupt a user’s experience. Ad fatigue is a huge issue in the current digital consumer market, and as such, it’s important to provide ad content that in unobtrusive to viewers.

In addition to this, native advertising can be extremely effective. A recent ad analysis run by media researchers has shown that native ads are regarded as more trustworthy, engaging, and lucrative than other formats of digital ads. They also generate higher click through rates that other forms of display ads, causing many advertisers to spend an increasing amount on native ads.

If you choose to use native advertising to sell ad spaces, you can even control the ad experience that will be shown to your audience. You have the option to choose keyword filters for precise targeting, ensuring visitors view the most relevant ad content when navigating your site.

Sell Ad Space Directly

Many publishers have also turned to selling ad space directly to advertisers instead of going through the other methods. This will usually involve reaching out to a brand directly, offering your site’s available ad space to them with a solid pitch. In this pitch, you’ll want to show them why they should spend their advertising money on your ad spaces. You can go back to the requirements we covered earlier when making this pitch, giving them solid reasons why your content, audience, and amount of steady traffic are perfect for their ads.

Publishers can also offer to sell a brand’s products directly from their website through affiliate links. With an affiliate link, you’ll make a small commission of each sale made by someone who used your link to make a purchase. This is beneficial to both the publisher and the brand.

Final Thoughts

In today’s digital market, there are hundreds of ways to generate a passive income and make money as a publisher. If you have an established blog or other online platform with a steady, loyal audience, you could make a decent amount of passive income on selling ad spaces.

You can sell ad spaces various ways, but most use ad networks, native advertising, or they reach out to brands directly for a more direct approach. With each of these methods, you’ll need to prove the worth of your site’s ad space by showing advertisers that your site has a high amount of traffic, a quality audience, and quality content. If you follow the tips and information we’ve outlined above, your chances of successfully selling ad spaces will improve, allowing you to make more money on your online platform.

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