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If you’ve recently started an affiliate marketing platform, your main reason for doing this was probably to make money, right? There are multiple ways for affiliate marketers to make money on their platforms, but one of the biggest ways is through generating paid traffic to your site. However, this is only a viable way to make money if you can reliably funnel traffic to your site by using these paid traffic methods.

As it can be tricky to know exactly which forms of paid traffic will yield the most leads, we’ve compiled a list of different types of paid traffic you can utilize, detailing what they are, and their strengths and weaknesses. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the different types of paid traffic and how to make money from them.

What is Paid Traffic?

You may be confused what exactly counts as paid traffic, as opposed to other forms of website traffic. Paid traffic is traffic generated by marketing that you paid for. The aim of this type of traffic is to ensure your affiliate platform reaches your target audience.

Paid traffic can oftentimes be the best kind of traffic because it’s higher quality; you pay for ads knowing that generally people clicking through to your website will be more likely to purchase your product or engage with your website in a meaningful way. Types of traffic that aren’t paid for are much less predictable.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of paid traffic next. Let’s first examine the cons. Paid traffic will generally take the form of paid ads on popular platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. As an affiliate marketer, you place bids on how much you’re willing to pay to get your ad to appear at the top of the list of search results (in Google) or you’ll pay for how often they’ll appear on social media platforms. It can quickly become expensive paying for these ads, which is one negative of paid traffic if you’re working with a tight budget or are just starting up your business.

But many say the pros outweigh the cons. The main plus side is that paid traffic is typically more effective than other forms of traffic, including organic traffic. Ads can be targeted toward specific audiences or designed to show up for searches with certain key words, so you can funnel interested customers to your site just by using these targeting methods. Funneling people to your site who are already looking for a product like yours is much more effective than bringing in people who might not have an idea of what they are looking for.

Next, let’s examine some of the best forms of paid traffic to maximize sales when running an affiliate marketing campaign.  

Best Paid Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

The following forms of paid traffic have been proven to be the most beneficial for affiliate marketers, allowing them to reach their target audience, generate leads, and make conversions. By using these kinds of paid traffic sources, you’ll be much more likely to make money on your affiliate marketing platform, so make sure to try each of these out and see which one works best for your business. Let’s get into each of them now.

Search Ads

Search ads are one of the best forms of paid traffic in terms of traffic funneling and revenue generation. One example of a search ad is a Google Ad, which offers great exposure but comes with a relatively high cost. So, how do search ads work as a form of paid traffic?

Specifically for Google Ads, all you need to do is choose keywords tailored to your target audience and then place a bid to get your ad placed at the top of the list during a related search. The links you see first when running a Google search are often Google Ads, so this is one of the best ways to generate some traffic to your website.

You can also make use of some of the more sophisticated features recently added to Google Ads, including Dynamic Search Ads. They will then be automatically customized based on the content of your website with no need for you to input specific keywords. This will generate ads with the best keywords for your demographic all on its own.

And if the cost of Google Ads is more than you’re wanting to spend right now, you can always try other search engine ads like Bing Ads. As Google’s number one competitor, these can still generate a lot of traffic and are generally much cheaper to maintain.

Display Ads

Another type of paid traffic you can utilize for your affiliate marketing campaign are display ads, which appear on Google’s partner sites. These ads will typically appear as an image with some text, instead of appearing with only an image or only text.

These ads are great for targeting specific audiences, such as those you feel will be most interested in your business and what you have to offer. With display ads, you can set a target market or target people who may be visiting websites similar to yours.

Another great thing about this paid traffic source is you get exposure for your website by utilizing the Google Display Network. Some may say that display ads are no longer a good source of paid traffic, but their reach is still undeniable even today. The ability for these ads to reach a large amount of people at once is almost unparalleled.

To create a display ad, you’ll have to bid on an ad to determine how much you want to pay per click. You’ll also need to wait for Google to approve the ad image and copy you want to use. They’ve included their ad image requirements online, so check these out to make sure your ad doesn’t contain anything that will get it denied.

After you finish this step, you’ll select industry-related websites for your ad to show up on. This will allow those who are in the market for the products you’re offering to see your ad and have the chance to choose your product over your competitors.

It’s important to note that even though display ads are typically pay per click, the majority of people won’t go out of their way to click them. Display ads are really aimed at giving your brand some exposure, while gaining steady leads who might be interested in your offer. This type of paid traffic is good at getting your brand and product out there in sight of potential customers as they visit other websites.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are one of the most popular types of paid traffic advertising and can be indispensable for any affiliate marketing campaign. This is an important one, and it’s so widely used that you’ve probably already heard of it. Most people today have used social media before and may use it every day for multiple hours, whether to send messages to their friends and family, to check on how someone else is doing, or to post about a life event.

Regardless of what people are using social media for, it’s almost impossible not to see an advertisement for something while scrolling. This is the power that social media marketing holds. With a well-placed ad, you have the potential to reach thousands of potential customers with a single source of paid traffic.

Most social media platforms will also offer tools for targeting specific audiences, making it even easier to reach the target demographic for your affiliate marketing campaign. One example of this is the Facebook leads ad tool, letting you quickly and easily populate lead information into an ad with the purpose of reaching your target group. This can make it much easier to make money from your marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts

With all the paid traffic sources and tools available to marketers today, affiliate marketing campaigns have the potential to yield extremely high levels of leads and conversions. If you choose to make use of the effective paid traffic sources we’ve included above, the chances of generating traffic and making money on your affiliate marketing platform will be much higher.

Remember to keep these paid traffic sources in mind when you run an affiliate marketing campaign, and make sure to check our other articles for other tips to make money with ecommerce.

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