5 High-Quality Traffic Sources in 2021

With the advent of smart phones, apps, and social media sites, generating organic traffic can oftentimes come second to generating traffic through click throughs on ads. Instead of old methods of marketing, there are new innovative strategies to get consumers’ attention and make money from them.

Furthermore, those who arrive organically at a site are reported to be less likely to purchase a product than those who arrive there by clicking through on an ad. Organic traffic can still count, and often may account for a portion of a site’s traffic, but there are other more efficient methods of generating traffic that you should be utilizing in 2021.

These methods include utilizing ad platforms on various social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition to these platforms, Google Adwords and Outbrain Amplify are two other tools to use to generate more traffic for your site today.

Different Types of Traffic

There are multiple types of website traffic that can fall into different categories based on how the traffic was generated. The kind of traffic you’re after is paid traffic, but there is also referral traffic, direct traffic, organic traffic, and social traffic. Let’s take a closer look at what defines each of these.

Referral traffic refers to traffic generated by another site as a referral. This comes from known or unknown sources linking your website in their content, whether that’s a social media post, blog post, or even YouTube video. Direct traffic is defined as traffic that is generated by those who navigate to your website directly, not brought there by any other source.

Organic traffic is the result of various search engines, like Google or Yahoo, and this can often be the best source of traffic if you’re looking for free traffic to your site. Social traffic is generated by your site’s presence on social media. This can come from your site’s page on Facebook or Twitter, for example, or from posting links to your site.

And finally, there’s paid traffic. Paid traffic is traffic generated by ads you paid for, which will ensure your product or site reaches your target audience. Paid traffic can oftentimes be the best kind of traffic because it’s more predictable; you know that generally people clicking through to your site from a paid ad will be more likely to make a purchase or engage with your website in a meaningful way. Other types of traffic are much less predictable.

Taking into account the various types of traffic, a balanced combination of organic and paid traffic can often be the best avenue of growth for your business or website. Making use of the top 5 traffic sources for this year can help generate the traffic you need to make this happen, so let’s get to it.

Facebook Ads

Let’s start with one of the most obvious methods of generating traffic. Recent studies have shown that ads on Facebook are responsible for around a fifth of the total digital ad spending in the US. Add this to ads generated by Google and we get over half of the total market share for digital ad spending.

A key strength of Facebook ads is the wide variety of available advertisement options, which are constantly changing and adapting to include new and improved features. These types of ads are extremely versatile, allowing you to target exactly who you want to target. You can tailor your ads to fit demographics by location, interests, and preferences, and do this through videos, text, slideshows, carousels, or plain images. The widely used Facebook Stories feature has also been recently adapted for ads, allowing you to create your very own tailored ad stories to capture the attention of consumers. And these adds can be placed into newsfeeds, Messenger, or the audience network.

Remember that with all the options available to you, it can be hard to find which kind of ad works best for your business. This process can take a lot of trial and error, which is why it’s important to keep track of ad metrics to see what the best option is. You should also keep up to date with recent ad innovations and best practices to maximize the traffic you can generate through such ads.

Google Ads

Another top traffic source and ad platform in terms of revenue and traffic generation, Google Ads offers great exposure with a relatively high cost. But how do Google Ads work? All you have to do is choose keywords that are tailored to your target audience and then pay to get your ad placed at the top of the ads list during a related search. The links you see first when you run a Google search are often Google Ads, and this can be a great way to generate some traffic to your website.

Make use of some of the more sophisticated features recently added by Google, including Dynamic Search Ads. These ads will automatically be customized based on the content of your website with no need for you to input any keywords. It will generate ads with the best keywords for your demographic on its own.

Another powerful way to get exposure for your website is to utilize the Google Display Network and create a display ad. Some may say that display ads are a thing of the past, but their reach is still undeniable. The ability for these adds to be seen by the most amount of people at once is almost unparalleled, and so remember to try these if you want some extra traffic.

And if the cost of Google Ads is more than you’re wanting to spend right now, you can always try Bing Ads. As Google’s number one competitor, these can still generate a lot of traffic and are generally much cheaper to maintain.

Twitter Ads

Twitter has become a massive social media giant, boasting hundreds of millions of tweets and billions of search queries every day. With a user base as massive as this, it can be a very valuable platform to place ads.

On top of this, a huge percentage of users claim that they intend to buy the products of businesses they follow on Twitter, which can mean a lot of added revenue and traffic from your business’s followers. With Twitter Ads, you’ll be able to boost your company or website’s following while boosting traffic and potential revenue at the same time.

Making use of Twitter’s huge array of advertising options, you can select from any number of options when paying for an ad. This includes the promotion of a single tweet, a whole account, or a trending topic, and you can choose whether to pay by the click, impression, follow, engagement, lead, app install, or video view. You can also select your target audience by age, device, location, gender, or interest.

However, many businesses have offered cautionary tales when using Twitter, as the userbase can oftentimes be extremely volatile and quick to “cancel” brands that make potentially ill-timed or offensive tweets. Just make sure that you really know your brand and audience and try not to incite the wrath of cancel culture.

Twitters ads can be a particularly spendy traffic source, as ad prices have been reported to be on the rise recently. Keep in mind your exact focus and scope and you should be able to advertise efficiently while keeping costs relatively low.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is one of the more expensive options, but it can be an extremely profitable platform for your advertisements, especially in the B2B realm. With these ads, you can target business professionals precisely and efficiently by utilizing display ads, email ads, or sponsored in-feed posts.

Because users on LinkedIn are operating with business in mind above all else, this can be an extremely effective traffic source and a good way to make money for your business or website. They are generally not on LinkedIn to catch up on the latest life events of their friends, they are there purely to do business.

Outbrain Amplify

Outbrain’s Amplify ad platform is different from other ad sources because the users on the platform are there with a discovery frame of mind. They are not necessarily there for a specific purpose beyond to just see what products or services might catch their attention. They are ready to be entertained, engaged, or informed, which will make it all the easier for your ad to move them to action.

Outbrain also offers highly specialized targeting tools that can help you target the exact audience you’re looking to bring to your site. Additionally, you can update or tweak your ad campaign in real-time, making this one of the more versatile options out there.

Final Thoughts

These top 5 traffic sources are the best ways for you to generate traffic in 2021, with Facebook Ads and Google Ads coming in at the top, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads just below them, and then finally Outbrain’s Amplify after that. Any of these platforms is a safe bet to generate traffic so hopefully, we’ve given you a good idea of the direction you want to take in generating more traffic today.

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